Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

In this business, we frequently get asked questions about our style and how we work. To make it easier to get to know us, we listed some of those below. These are for the most part, geared toward weddings. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. To book Veranda Studios for your special occasion, you can email or call us.



Due to the customized nature of our wedding photography services, we would love to meet or chat with you about your special day to learn more about what you’re looking for in order for us to best match our services to your wedding. We like to learn about our potential clients to ensure that we are a perfect fit for one another. We’d like to learn a little bit about you two – how you met, funny stories, etc. – and learn more about your wedding day details, such as venue, theme/feel of the day, what you’re excited for and anything else you’d like to share with us. All of these things combined help us put together the perfect wedding photography package.

Our Style and Business

What is your style?
With the exception of the traditional posed shots, we take an artistic editorial approach for our wedding photography. Some of the best shots from the day will be the ones that ‘just happened’. We also have an eye for detail, from the rings to your shoes, our work will include all of the ‘little things.’

Do you use two photographers?
This is more of a question for wedding day photography and our answer is “Absolutely.” Very few weddings can be shot successfully with just one camera. Two photographers allows us to shoot from different perspectives and also insures that all of the key moments are captured throughout the day. We have also found it works well for us to split up before the ceremony. Julie will spend time with the bridal party, while Kevin goes off with the groom and the rest of the guys.

How many pictures will we receive and it what format?
The answer to this one depends on a number of factors – the size of the wedding party, length of coverage, events of the day, just to name a few. We provide edited images in both print and web resolution with no copyright restrictions. We have found that with everyone’s hectic schedules, coordinating a time to review (and order) just may not work. Therefore, giving you the image files makes it easy for everyone.

Can you hold a date for me?
Bookings are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. To be fair, we need to have a retainer and a signed contract. From there we can work out a payment plan with the final payment due two weeks before the wedding date.

Do you offer engagement sessions?
Yes, we do. Your engagement is an important part of your story, and well worth our time to photograph. An engagement session also allows us time to get to know you, and helps us prepare for your big day. We also offer portrait photography as well as video and creative services. Visit our products page for more information.

Day of Event

Can we provide you with a “shot list”?
Yes – We find it helpful when doing the posed family and bridal party shots immediately after the ceremony. Because of the hustle and bustle, it keeps the session moving, without forgetting to include the specific shots you want.

How late do you stay?
Not as late as the DJ, but almost. Our day with you generally starts a couple of hours before the ceremony and doesn’t end until after all of the special events (cake, dances, etc.) of the reception are over. At that point, we’ll ask you if there are any other shots you would like before we pack up for the night.

Do we feed you at the reception?
That would be wonderful, thank you for asking. It does get to be a long day for us, and a meal is a welcomed break. We typically eat around the same time the wedding party does, when you’re eating you’re not the most photogenic.  We like to be done early so that we can be ready for the rest of the events of the evening.

Connect with Veranda Studios

For more information about VS wedding packages or our portrait sessions, please contact us.